Welcome to myXYZHUB!

This is a (very) new free service for XYZHUB users to allow the sharing and exchange of 3D constructions, ideas and technical know how. Share your video feed and chat with other users while they view your creations come to life in real-time! We are in very early Alpha stage - please be patient while we complete the user interface and feel free to join up and provide your feedback.

To share your video feed from your XYZHUB, simply log into your router and allow port 8080 to pass through it, then come back here and click on 'Add Account' at the top-right of this page. The registration process is very short and it will also detect your external ip automatically. Join this new community of DAVINCI enthusiasts today!

NOTE: It takes up to 24 hours for a new video feed to be approved. Once approved the system will automatically scan your IP every 15 minutes. If it finds the video-feed, it will automatically enable your channel (so leave the XYZHUB transmitting for at least that amount of time).

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